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Dashing Pedicure

Basic but precise followed by 10 minutes massage, hot stone, and polish. Just enough time to be on the run.

Tropical Pedicure

This pedicure involves an exfoliating foot scrub + hydrating mask before hot towels wraps +15 minutes massage, and hot stone. Finish off with tropical scented lotion.

Paradise Pedicure

Escape into one of our favorites involving two exfoliating foot scrub, rejuvenating cooling mask, and hot towel wraps + 15 minutes massage and hit stone. Finish off with lotion and some refreshing cooling gel.

The G Nail & Spa Pedicure

A facial for your feet, starting w/a sea salt scrub & followed by a cooling mask, +15 minutes silky pineapple oil massage before hot towel wraps & hot tone then a dip in the paraffin wax. Finish off w/a fruits lotion or cooling gel + your choice of polish.

Lemon Pedicure

Indulgent, as feet are placed in a citrus soak with fresh lemon slices, followed by a lemon cooling mask, mineral lemon scrub filled with vitamins C & E along with essential lemon lotion with exfoliate away dry dead skin. Your feet are then wrapped with steamed towels, hot rocks. Finish with your choice of polish.

“King” Pedicure (Exclusively for Men)

Start off with 2 different exfoliating foot scrubs followed by a cooling mask before wrapped in hot towels and 15 minutes massage + hot stone. Finish w/some cooling lotion a silky oil massage.

Little Diva Pedicure

Start off w/a foot scrub, foot mask, hot towel wrap and polish. Finish off with vanilla sparkly lotion and 2 fun decals. (10 yrs and under)

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